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Monday, April 26, 2010

Free Farmville Cash

So FarmVille is an application on Facebook which allows you to have a virtual farm. You manage the runnings of the farm day to day by planting crops, reaping them, raring animals, etc.

At first, I really didn't get this game and farming didn't really appeal to me much, however, I gave in and decided to try it and it actually kills the boredom quite nicely. It's very addicting as well and on several occasions throughout my day, I've found myself wondering if my crops are good enough to harvest yet.

Anyway, I found that with this game, coins were very easy to earn however the farm cash or dollars were not. They only awarded me one when I moved up a level or earned a ribbon or so. I wanted more.

Well, I'm happy to say I've found a way to earn or get more farm cash FREE.

While playing this game, I noticed the tab that said "Add Farm Coins & Cash". I decided to click it, only to find that the same free offers that I've been doing for a while now on other sites and making REAL money online, are available on FarmVille. The only difference is that they pay you in Farm Cash instead of real money like I'm use to making.

I filled out a few of these free offers and I'm happy to say that I now own the Manor, the large pond, and the pink barn on FarmVille and I'm only on level 16.

Therefore I've spent a total of 116 Farm Cash (dollars) already that I've earned by completing these free offers.

Now for the interesting part.. I'm sure you want to know how to fill these offers out as well and if you have to spend any money. Well the answer is no, you do NOT need to spend any money to fill out these offers. There are several free ones, including quizzes or surveys, where you just fill out the entire thing and you are awarded farm cash free.